Chalmers in the flow - Photo by Johanna Andersson
​"Chalmers in the flow". Alginate gel produced with a 3D printed mould, where the Chalmers logo is filled by capillary flow.​​​​​​
​ Photo by Johanna Andersson​

About us

​The Materials Science Area of Advance at Chalmers combines excellence and relevance, covering a broad perspective. It takes on the global challenges within energy, health,  construction and transport from a materials perspective, and includes all the important elements of advanced materials research: theory and modelling, synthesis, characterisation and evaluation. The Area of Advance is a strong scientific community that spans over several departments and includes world leading excellence centres and research programs, as well as external collaboration with society and industry. Our strategic research environment in materials science also impacts education at Chalmers, at all levels.

The research is a core activity at four departments (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial and Materials Science, Physics, and Microtechnology and Nanoscience), and involves researchers at several others. In total around 70 senior researchers are active in this field. The Department of Biomaterials at the University of Gothenburg is also part of the governmental-funded effort. 

For a sustainable society

Materials science is central to the development of our modern technological society. New materials are required for better performance of existing products, processes and systems. The development of novel materials is also paving the way for completely new sustainable technologies and solutions. Scientists at Chalmers are for instance actively engaged in materials for energy production and storage, medical and pharmaceutical technology, mechanical constructions, functional foods, vehicles and transport systems. These areas are keys to achieving a sustainable society and meeting future challenges. Thus, the area of Materials Science is central in Chalmers’ overall strive to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Our vision “A sustainable society through excellence in materials science” permeates all our activities.


Brochure (Pdf): Materials science researchers at Chalmers​​​

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