It is important to understand how the microstructure down to atomic dimensions can be changed by a variation in process variables. It is equally important to understand how the microstructure determines the material properties.
The research within SOFT Microscopy Centre relates to developing and improving a fundamental understanding of the fine-scale microstructure of technologically important soft materials, its manipulation and importance in determining the properties of materials. Of particular interest are structure dynamics and in situ characterisation of transient structures over a range of time and length scales.
SOFT Microscopy Centre has access to a broad range of advanced specimen preparation techniques and microscopy techniques including state of the art electron and confocal microscopes.

Confocal laser scanning microscopy – Leica SP5 II AOBS

Scanning electron microscopy -LEO Ultra 55 and FEI Quanta 200 ESEM



Transmission electron microscopy – FEI Titan 80-300




Electron Microscopy at Materials and Manufacturing Technology




Published: Tue 01 Mar 2011. Modified: Thu 21 Mar 2019