Ivan Mijakovic

Time to summarize 2016

​The year 2016 is almost over. Ivan Mijakovic, Director of the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance, gives us his thoughts about this past year as well as the coming.
​"The Chalmers Area of Advance Life Science Engineering underwent some important structural changes in the beginning of 2016, getting an entirely new leadership. I am particularly proud of the management team we have built, with director, co-director and profile leaders representing six different departments. This sends out a strong message that our Area of Advance is inclusive for all Chalmers researchers. Only by working together we can hope to successfully tackle the important challenges in the field.

We have supported a number of events in 2016, two of which stand out. The initiative seminar on healthy ageing, organized in collaboration with Molecular Frontiers, set a new standard in bringing top international science to Chalmers and opening up our university to younger audiences. Another important event was the presentation and discussion of a study on gender equality, organized by the Chalmers association Women in Science (WiSE), and supported by three Chalmers Areas of Advance: Life Science Engineering, Information and Communication technologies and Building Futures. I am particularly proud of the outcome of this event, which highlight the determination of Chalmers to ensure equal treatment for all its employees, exterminate all forms of discrimination, and provide a working environment in which everyone can thrive.

Finally, our Area of Advance committed to an important new initiative to promote collaborations across different departments, focused on excellence in research and innovation. We have “seeded” four excellent new projects, and I am certain that we will see them grow and blossom in the New Year.

In 2017 we expect to foster more collaborative projects at Chalmers, and we are working very hard on increasing the impact that our science has on the society. Our commitment is to work together with our industrial, academic and other partners towards a sustainable and healthy future."

Ivan Mijakovic

Photo: Martina Butorac

Published: Wed 14 Dec 2016.