Under construction: A new Area of Advance in Health Engineering

​Our ambition is to mobilize a broad panel of experts from different scientific and engineering disciplines represented at Chalmers, to jointly contribute to solving some of the global challenges regarding the improvement of human health. In this process we will actively seek to engage and collaborate with external partners and stakeholders.
The process so far
In the first half or 2018, an online survey was performed to assess potential interest of all Chalmers faculty members to contribute to the new area of advance. Over 200 Chalmers faculty members, from 12 different departments, gave a positive response. More than 100 key Chalmers faculty members, named by their respective heads of departments, were invited to in-depth interviews to discuss possible focus areas and challenges to be addressed by the new area of advance. Based on the online survey and the in-depth interviews, as well as strategic input from our key external partners, six "challenge cluster" areas were selected.

Syntolkning: Puzzle

On October 4th, the entire faculty was invited to a general assembly to discuss how the new Area of Advance in the field of health engineering should be shaped. Not only did this workshop create many fruitful dialogues but the audience also expressed their views via Mentimeter in regards to specific questions. 
Please see the video recorded at the meeting.
And also the Powerpoint AoA Health Engineering General Assembly Final for voting Results.pptxAoA Health Engineering General Assembly Final for voting ​Results.pptx which includs the Mentimeter results.

The roadmap going forward

In the second half of 2018 and during 2019, we will be working on developing the final profiles of the new Area of Advance. This will be a community-building process, driven by teams of cluster leaders (Chalmers faculty members appointed to lead the process).

Clusters/Leaders (under construction)
Digitalization, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Rebecka Jörnsten MV and Robert Feldt CSE
Bacteria, Infections and Antibiotics: Marie Strid ACE and Fredrik Westerlund BIO
BioMedical Engineering: Mikael Persson E2, Hana Dobsicek Trefna E2, Fredrik Höök BIO, Torbjörn Lundh MV
Prevention, Lifestyle and Ergonomics for Sustainable Health: Cecilia Berlin IMS and Rikard Landberg BIO
Management of Health and Care: Andreas Hellström TME and Marie Strid ACE
The aim is to define profile areas within the new Area of Advance. Here, depending on scientific interest, researchers are welcome to participate in one or multiple clusters. If you are interested to join the process, please contact the associated profile leader directly. In parallel with the internal process, we also gather external input on the value of the proposed clusters/profiles as perceived by the key external stakeholders and partners.

Contact details

For any general queries about the proposed Area of Advance you are welcome to contact Associate Professor Ann-Sofie Cans cans@chalmers.se. For more specific questions, you can approach the cluster leaders directly.

Published: Wed 27 Feb 2019.