Areas of Advances' joint initiatives

​Since 2015, Chalmers’ eight Areas of Advance jointly invest in a number of bold initiatives aiming at the future. The investments are focused on societal challenges in areas where Chalmers has great potential to achieve international success.

The approaches are cross-border collaborations, high level of excellence and integration of research, education and utilisation. The intention is that the joint initiatives will be able to give much to many.

Most of the common Areas of Advance investments are about challenge-driven and interdisciplinary development, each of which involves several different parts of Chalmers. Through cross-border mustering of strength, we create opportunities to break new ground and eventually bring considerable benefits to society.

Every investment involves at least two Areas of Advance. The Life Science Engineering Area of Advance is involved in the following joint initiatives:

Page manager Published: Wed 03 Feb 2016.