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Seminar day at Chalmers
Location: RunAn, Chalmersplatsen 1, Campus Johanneberg
08:30 | Registration
09:00 | Opening   Ann-Marie Wennberg, Hospital director Sahlgrenska and Stefan Bengtsson, President Chalmers
09:10 | Historic reenacting   Philip Wramsby and Johan Randhem  -  "The will of William Chalmers" 
09:20 | Historical collaborations   Kjell Torén, Sahlgrenska - "Chalmers and Sahlgren - a never ending story"
09:30 | Chris Cheng, Stanford  - "Vascular Biomechanics - A Collaborative Effort at Stanford"
10:00 | Mårten Falkenberg, Sahlgrenska and Håkan Nilsson, Chalmers
            - "Air bubble release and flow-induced forces in stent grafts"
10:20 | Coffee
10:50 | Rickard Brånemark, University of California, San Francisco, and Max Ortiz Catalan, Chalmers
            - "The future of bionic limbs: osseointegration and neural control"
11:10 | Måns Eeg-Olofsson, Sahlgrenska and Sabine Reinfeldt, Chalmers
            - "New hearing implant replacing the middle ear"
11:30 | Mikael Elam, Sahlgrenska and Mikael Persson Chalmers
           - “A Sahlgrenska Chalmers collaborative effort around Stroke and trauma“
11:50 | Lunch
13:10 | Elin Pedersen, Google Reseach - Deep learning in medicine
13:40 | Oliver Aalami, Stanford - Apps, AR and Bio design
14:10 | Hanns-Ulrich Marschall, Sahlgrenska and Paul Hockings, Chalmers
- "TRISTAN: Imaging biomarkers for safer drugs"
14:30 | Coffee
15:00 | Nils Lycke, Sahlgrenska and Marta Bally, Chalmers
           - "L
ipid nanoparticles for mucosal vaccine delivery: from physicochemical properties to immune stimulation"
15:20 | Kristina Malmgren, Sahlgrenska and Leif Sandsjö, MedTech West/HB - "WearIT" - Smart Textiles project
15:40 | Nils-Krister Persson, Technology Lab, Smart textiles and Anja Lund, Chalmers
            - "Chalmers Textiles as enabler for Engineering Health"
16:00 | Round table discussions // poster session
18:00 | Dinner, Kårhuset


Seminar day at AstraZeneca
Location: Alpha, PGN Conference Center, Pepparedsleden 5, Mölndal

08:15 | Bus transfer from Chalmers to AstraZeneca
09:00 | Jacob G. Scott, Cleveland Clinic and Philip Gerlee, Chalmers - Cancer
            - "The rules of the game: using game theory to understand drug resistance in lung cancer"
09:20 | Annikka Polster, Sahlgrenska and Marija Cvijovic, Chalmers
            - "Model-based stratification of patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome"

09:40 | Li-Ming Gan, AstraZeneca  - Focus on the heart of the matter
10:00 | Elin Esbjörner, Chalmers and Fredrik Höök, Chalmers
            - FoRmulaEx – a new centre for RNA drug delivery research

10:30 | Coffee
11:00 | Anders Lindahl, Sahlgrenska and Paul Gatenholm, Chalmers
            - "3D-bioprinting to treat Osteoarthritis"
11:20 | Agnes Wold, Sahlgrenska and Ann-Sofie Sandberg, Chalmers - Food and allergy
11:40 | Conclusion and introduction for the afternoon
12:00 | Mingel lunch
13:00 | Anna Sandström, AstraZeneca and Jenni Nordborg, Vinnova - Future Health science
14:00 | Panel debate, moderated by Fredrik Höök, Chalmers. Participants: Jan-Olof Jacke (President, AstraZeneca AB), Henrik Mindedal (Director, MedTech West), Charlotta Gummeson (President, Sahlgrenska Science Park), Olle Larkö (Professor Dermatology and Venerology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital), Karolina Partheen (Head of Unit, Chalmers Innovation Office), Jenny Almkvist (Regionutvecklare, Region Västra Götaland), Jens Nielsen (Professor Systems Biology, Chalmers), Anna Sandström (Science Relations Director, AstraZeneca AB), Jenni Nordborg (Director, Vinnova)
15:00 | Coffee
15:30 | Tour at AstraZeneca
17:00 | Concluding remarks Ivan Mijakovic, Director of Life Science Engineering at Chalmers
17:15 | Bus transfer back to Chalmers

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