Eight MSc programs at Chalmers are to different extent influenced by life science; Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Communication engineering, Computer science, Mathematics and computational science, Materials engineering, Nanotechnology, and Innovative and sustainable chemical engineering.
The MSc program in Biotechnology follows a 3 year BSc program in Biotechnology – the biotech BSc program in Sweden with the largest number of applicants. Students from the Biotechnology program at Chalmers are engaged in BUS- (Bioteknikutbildningar i Sverige), and were thereby noticed by Life Science Engineering Area of Advance. We had the opportunity to sit down and discuss life as a Life Science student at Chalmers with three BUS students, Kristoffer Fagerfjäll, Pontus Norell, and Anna Stenberg. “It is hectic, and a lot of work,” they say, but their enthusiasm about future possibilities clearly shows that they think it is worth it. One way they have found out about upcoming work opportunities is from the Life Science Monday Seminars. The BUS students take part in selecting speakers to the seminars, and they appreciate the wide topic range among the invited speakers, and in the audience, which include both students and professors.
The students also consider forming a local student chapter in SBE - Society for biological engineering (update: the chapter is now formed, more info here). SBE is a global organization of leading engineers and scientists, dedicated to advancing the integration of biology with engineering and providing opportunities for successful connections. It is organized by leaders in industry, academia (including Harvard and MIT), and from government. The international network that the society provides is tempting for the students, but this is a new challenge for them. “We appreciate the engagement from Jens Nielsen and the management of Life Science Engineering AoA and, their support makes it doable because we have someone to turn to in the future effort of forming a student chapter.”
The students have a lot of ideas for the future; continue with Master program, exchange year in Europe, work in industry, or try one of the schools of Entrepreneurship at Chalmers. They also consider continuing in the graduate school in biosciences associated with the Life Science Engineering AoA that currently has more than 70 PhD students affiliated. Whatever they choose, we are confident that they get a creative and stimulating time when they finished their undergraduate life at Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Thu 11 Aug 2016.