Life Science Monday Seminar

​​Synthetic biology tools for Penicillium chrysogenum

Speaker: Assistant Professor Yvonne Nygård
Affiliation: Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering
There will be sandwiches and soft drinks, first come first serve. Welcome!
The Life Science Monday Seminars will display the wide range of
Life Science activities in the Gothenburg region, but we will also have speakers from abroad.
Academia, research institutes, and industry will be represented.
It is our goal to increase the interaction between education, research, and
innovation in order to make the Life Science environment at Chalmers more dynamic.
Category Seminar
Location: KA
Starts: 24 April, 2017, 12:00
Ends: 24 April, 2017, 13:00

Published: Tue 11 Apr 2017.