Life Science Monday Seminar

​​From Single-Cell Perturbation to Subcellular Analysis Using Fluidic Force Microscopy

Speaker: Dr. Orane Guillaume-Gentil
Affiliation: ETHZ, Institute of Microbiology, Zurich, Switzerland

"​As cell-to-cell heterogeneity prevails in virtually any given cell population, single-cell studies are essential to elucidate cellular function, cell-cell communication, and cell response to external stimuli. However, scaling biological studies down to the single-cell level requires innovative strategies, e.g. to enable microscale manipulations, the handling of sub-picolitre volumes, or the analysis of sub-picogram amounts of molecules. We are using fluidic force microscopy (FluidFM), a technology that combines atomic force microscopy with microfluidics, to develop methods for selective perturbation, isolation, and analysis of individual cells within physiological environments. We demonstrated a broad spectrum of single-cell applications, including the delivery of bioactive compounds (enzymes, DNA, drugs) and even microorganisms (viruses) onto or into selected cells, as well as the non-destructive extraction and subsequent analysis of cytoplasmic or nuclear molecules (enzymes, RNA, metabolites) from single live cells. The developed approaches enable to preserve the viability and the microenvironment of the cell, opening unprecedented opportunities to study cellular dynamics and cell-cell communication with single-cell resolution."
There will be sandwiches and soft drinks, first come first serve. Welcome!
The Life Science Monday Seminars will display the wide range of
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Category Seminar
Location: KA
Starts: 03 April, 2017, 12:00
Ends: 03 April, 2017, 13:00

Published: Thu 16 Mar 2017. Modified: Wed 22 Mar 2017