About us

Our vision
Contribute to solving two of the grand challenges of modern society: sustainable provision of energy and materials through biotechnology and establish a sustainable health care sector. Our contributions will be through the development of novel and enabling technologies that can transform life science research and implementation, and through fundamental discoveries at the molecular level.

Our mission
Our mission is to catalyze interdisciplinary research and educational efforts that develop Life Science Engineering at Chalmers and in society. We create an environment that integrate academia, industry, and the society in order to advance the utilization of technology shifts in human health and nutrition, health technologies, and biosustainability for a sustainable future.

In the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance there are scientist from many areas: mathematicians, chemists, physicists, computer scientists, signal processing researchers, etc. Despite vastly different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common - a desire to solve the challenges in Life Science. Some examples are working with health and nutrition, develop instruments for medical use, and use microorganisms to develop more sustainable ways to produce energy, food and pharmaceutical ingredients, and materials. In this Area of Advance, researchers from various disciplines get the opportunity to meet and discuss common challenges and possible solutions. You can read more about what we do on our News page or at our Research page.

It is not only our scientists who get in contact with each other, we also work to facilitate interactions between Chalmers and the surrounding community. We arrange seminars and meetings where companies are invited to talk about their work, and we are always interested in getting in contact with new groups. If you want to get in contact or know more about an expertise in Life Science Engineering at Chalmers you find more information on our Contact page. For upcoming events, look in our Calendar.

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Jan 2018.