Data Science Research Engineers

Data driven research is becoming increasingly important for many research activities at Chalmers. To extract valuable patterns from large data sources and meet the related computational and scientific challenges, Chalmers and the ICT Area of Advance have created a group of Data Science Research Engineers with the purpose to support and contribute to big data research projects, i.e., projects with a strong emphasis on methods of data analysis and machine learning that are needed in research projects.

Within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering there is also a separate division of Data Science​, with researchers developing machine learning and data science.

Contact Vilhelm Verendel and Ivica Crnkovic for more information.

Vilhelm Verendel
Vilhelm has a PhD in complex systems (2016) about mathematical modeling and simulating models of cooperation and learning. He specializes in applying machine learning in several research projects at Chalmers.

Two current project are: Using large online datasets to predict traffic flows and congestion in 26 cities around the worlds, and using 30 years of wind data from NASA to study feasibility of wind power around the globe.

Oscar Ivarsson
Oscar works as a Research Engineer within the Big Data initiative at Chalmers. He received his M.Sc in Computer Science and Technology from Linköping University in 2015 and has since been at Chalmers.
In his role, he supports research projects in various domains by utilizing the broad spectrum of Big Data related technologies such as machine learning, visual analytics, data processing and storage solutions. His key competence is in developing tools and applications around these technologies to offer ways of gaining more knowledge from the large and complex datasets often used within research today.

Muhammad Azam Sheikh
Azam enjoys his position as a Research Engineer within the Big Data initiative at Chalmers. Azam owns a PhD in Algorithms (2013) from Chalmers University. He has 10+ years of research and development experience within the domain of algorithms, machine learning and applied artificial intelligence.

In his present role, Azam is applying combinations of big data related technologies and combinatorial approaches to a variety of research projects for data analysis, visualization and prediction tasks.

Rongzhen Chen​​
Rongzhen works as a Data Science Research Engineer at Chalmers since 2018. He received his PhD in applied materials physics in the department of materials science and engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2017. He has 10+ years’ experience in computational materials physics and scientific programming.

In his present role, Rongzhen is applying the knowledge of data science into different disciplinary backgrounds at Chalmers. He is passionate about data science and believe that there are many research opportunities at Chalmers making and mapping connections in data science across the faculties.

Magnus Kjellberg​
Magnus joined the Data Science Research Engineer team at Chalmers in 2018. He received his PhD in biology at Göteborg University in 2001 and spent 10 years as a computational chemist/biologist within pharmaceutical R&D. He has also worked as data scientist and data engineer in startups and consultant companies in areas such as text mining, industry, transport and energy. Currently Magnus is applying his knowledge in R&D and data science to various research areas across Chalmers.


Published: Wed 16 Sep 2015. Modified: Tue 14 Aug 2018