Big Data Application Experts

Chalmers has recruited a pool of data experts who can support research projects across all of the areas of advance.
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Hans Salomonsson
Hans is a "big data" (data analysis and data management) expert. He received his M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems from Chalmers in 2012. Since then he has worked with big data related technologies such as machine learning, data analysis, data exploration, data visualization and data storage.
His expertise is in the area of machine learning. He has 5+ years of experience implementing machine learning algorithms, including deep learning techniques, and applying these to problems such as image classification, time series prediction, word sense disambiguation, information retrieval, etc.
Oscar Ivarsson
Oscar works as a Research Engineer within the Big Data initiative at Chalmers. He received his M.Sc in Computer Science and Technology from Linköping University in 2015 and has since been at Chalmers.
In his role, he supports research projects in various domains by utilizing the broad spectrum of Big Data related technologies such as machine learning, visual analytics, data processing and storage solutions. His key competence is in developing tools and applications around these technologies to offer ways of gaining more knowledge from the large and complex datasets often used within research today.

Vilhelm Verendel
Vilhelm works with big data and machine learning in several research projects connected to the big data group. Vilhelm has a PhD in complex systems (2016) based on simulation and mathematical modeling. His technical background includes 15+ years experience in system administration, network and system programming. Currently he is focused on applying machine learning methods in several research projects.

Two current project are: Using large online datasets to predict traffic flows and congestion in 26 cities around the worlds, and using 30 years of wind data from NASA to study feasibility of wind power around the globe.

Pramod Bangalore
Pramod has a PhD in Electric Power Engineering (2016) with a focus on application of machine learning algorithms for condition monitoring of electrical and mechanical components. His experience includes working as a consultant in both oil & gas industry, and the renewable energy sector. In addition to his expertise in various machine learning algorithms, Pramod also specializes in statistical modeling methods, applied mathematical optimization techniques and risk & reliability analysis.

In his role within the Big Data team at Chalmers he supports various projects in different areas of application, which are in need of guidance in terms of the correct machine learning algorithms and the data visualization methods.
Muhammad Azam Sheikh



Published: Wed 16 Sep 2015. Modified: Mon 29 May 2017