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ICT Challenges

The Area of Advance ICT at Chalmers has some of the strongest national and international groups. This is proven by a strong ability to attract external funding in national as well as international competition.

The Area of Advance ICT at Chalmers is presented through our four profile areas:

Automated Society

ICT enabling autonomous systems and intelligent automation of processes. 

Connected World

Advanced communication and sensors, including new technologies in algorithms, hardware, software, and systems.

Big Data

Managing large amounts of data, advanced computation and modeling based on data.

Digital Sustainability

Sustainable development including environmental, economic, social and technical aspects with the aid of ICT technologies.

Our profiles are driven by the needs for the individual, the society as well as the industry.  Each profile gathers several internationally leading professors and their groups. The excellence is manifested through a critical mass of researchers, a long history (in most cases spanning over decades) of achievements in science, a bulk of winning external grants in competition, many generations of examined PhDs, and success in technology transfer.



Page manager Published: Thu 07 May 2020.