Ulrich Sendler

Ulrich Sendler, writer and publicist

Automated Society – an oxymoron waiting for its solution

​Digital transformation will lead to a huge number of today's activities that can be done without human decision, or that ask for a different sort of decision making. However, our society cannot be automated, claims Ulrich Sendler, at the initiative seminar in March.

Ulrich Sendler is a keynote speaker at the initiative seminar in March. The title of his speak is: Automated Society – an oxymoron waiting for its solution. He explains:

“I was told that the theme for the conference day is Automated Society, but the human society cannot be automated. That's a contradiction in terms. But digitalization will have influence on the way that humans interact socially and change the conditions of everyday life, so the society will also change.”

And the transforming process has already started: communication, transportation, power generation and resource consumption are in the middle of the biggest change since electrification.

“We will need different qualification in almost all sectors of the society. And new solutions to secure the people, who are not able to keep pace.”

“The society has to find the answers in education, social security, and politics in general. And there is no time left”, says Ulrich Sendler.

Hear him speak at the conference Digitalisation – opportunities and challenges, at Chalmers University of Technology on 15-16 March, 2017.

Ulrich Sendler is an engineer who since 1989 is working as an independent journalist, book author and technology analyst in the field of virtual product development. His latest book, translated into English and Chinese, is about Industrie 4.0 – a topic on which he has several times been an invited keynote in China and Taiwan. In China his first book on Industrie 4.0 is a bestseller.

Published: Fri 13 Jan 2017.