Welcome to our Initiative Seminar on Digitalisation

​Ivica Crnkovic, Director of Chalmers Area of Advance ICT, welcomes you to two fantastic days of seminars and discussions.

Chalmers Initiative Seminar: Digitalisation - opportunities and challenges, 15-16 March 2017

Digitalisation is the greatest transformational force of society of today. It leads to a transformation of virtually all elements of our life – the way of working, the way of living, the way we communicate, build knowledge, do business. Digitalisation affects our healthcare, welfare, democracy, environment.

It can be compared with the greatest changes in the history of civilisation, such as the invention of writing. The new opportunities are extensive and not yet imaginable – digitised artefacts and their management enable radically new business opportunities, optimisation of production and resource usage, automated transport with autonomous vehicles, living in smart cities, efficient and reliable services of public sector, etc.

At the same time, digitalisation brings many new challenges. A sustainable digitalisation requires capable handling of issues relating to privacy, security, democracy, as well as issues related to the transition that takes place when jobs disappear due to automation in production and services.

To meet the challenges and create a sustainable future requires new knowledge and close collaboration between the various actors in the society. Our initiative seminar Digitalisation – opportunities and challenges, brings together experts from research, industry and the public sector to discuss the digitalisation progress and its potential consequences.

Prominent researchers, experts and managers from industry and society will present and discuss perspectives on digitalisation, future, threats and promises for the society of today and tomorrow. A broad audience from academia, industry, the public sector, and general public are invited to the seminar.

The two-day seminar will be organised in four broad themes offering new perspectives on digitalisation: Digital sustainability – how can we make our new digital world sustainable? Connected world – what are the abilities to connect and integrate artefacts, processes, technologies, and people? Data-driven innovation – how omnipresent information and knowledge can be enabled and optimally used? Automated society – how new intelligent systems can provide better services, without jeopardising important values like freedom and human relations?

Digitalisation is here, but what about the future? We must also care for the future. To show this, our initiative seminar will additionally offer activities for school children.

The initiative seminar is organised by Chalmers Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology, supported by Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.

We hope you will enjoy these two fantastic days, listen to our experts, and participate in the discussions.


Ivica Crnkovic
Director of Chalmers Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology

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Chalmers Initiative Seminar: Digitalisation - opportunities and challenges, 15-16 March 2017

Published: Thu 09 Mar 2017.