Catherine Mulligan
​Catherine Mulligan, Co-Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research

Blockchain – Trust for the 21st Century?

​A big challenge of today is to develop reliable technology that can bring trust to our increasingly digital society. Can the Blockchain technology rise to these challenges, asks Catherine Mulligan from Imperial College in London who will give a talk at our initiative seminar.

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“Recent events have meant that our society is having an increasingly interesting debate about truth and what it means to be able to rely upon our news sources, feel confident about our election results as well as our relationship those who hold data about us such as governments and large companies. At the same time, corporations and cities are struggling to manage large data sets and to find appropriate ways to ensure appropriate and reliable decision-making using them in an increasingly digital world,” says Catherine Mulligan.

“At the core of these issues is the notion of trust – how do we engender new models of trust in a digital world? Digital disruption therefore creates both great opportunity for society – but also increases the demands we must make on ourselves to assess when and how we should apply digital solutions.”

A relatively new technology – Blockchain – has emerged as a potential answer to these questions and offers the opportunity to redefine how our governments, economy and society work through redefining the role of trust in these institutions.

“Indeed, many claim that Blockchain will remove the need for intermediaries such as central banks, land registries and insurance agencies altogether and place trust back into the hands of individuals. A radically new world is promised – one that dismantles the established economic system that has been around since the industrial revolution and replaces it with a world where individuals can flourish and work together on an ad-hoc basis redefining how companies are owned and operate, how security solutions are built and maintained in democracies and how digital networks themselves are designed and delivered.

Can Blockchain rise to these challenges or are we investing too much faith in a relatively new technology?  In her talk Catherine Mulligan will investigate these issues from a variety of perspectives building on over 30 proofs of concept delivered by Imperial College London’s Blockchain research team.

Dr Catherine Mulligan is a Research Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a joint appointment to the Department of Computing where she is Co-Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering

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Published: Thu 02 Feb 2017.