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​Call for a proposal – hosting a WASP distinguished guest professor

​WASP is announcing funding for guest professors for a period of two years, expecting to stay at the host university approximately six months per year. The areas are: autonomous systems, software, AI/MLX and AI/math.​

Deadline: Jan 15, 2022

In total, two positions will be founded, and the WASP university partners can apply. The funding is valid for all WASP areas (autonomous systems, software, AI/MLX and AI/math).
The main ranking criterium is the applicant's excellence, the probability of the realization, and finally, the program/aim of the visit. WASP also welcomes a combination with other initiatives or/and involvement of Swedish industry. 
Financial conditions are flexible and will match the levels of top-level researchers.  
WASP is expecting to get the proposals during Q4 2021. Internal Chalmers deadline is Dec 20. A university can propose several candidates. 
During Q1 or Q2 2022, WASP will approve in total two proposals. A strict policy of gender balance (50/50) will be followed. 
The expected start of the visit is Q3/Q4 2022, or Q1 2023. 

Proposal Submission

Send a proposal to Chalmers WASP representative to Ivica Crnkovic, latest Jan 15, 2022.
The proposal should include:
  • Name and affiliation of the distinguished guest professor, with a short motivation, overall preliminary schedule and activity plan for the visit.
  • The hosting department and division/research group.
  • If possible, a letter of interest from the potential distinguished guest professor or a statement that the professor has been contacted ad has expressed interest in the visit.
  • CV of the proposed guest professor
  • The head of the department must sign the application

The applications will be analyzed by Chalmers internal committee (to be defined) before sending to WASP.  Note that Chalmers will follow the recommendations from WASP and try to provide a balanced list of the candidates. 

For more information, contact please, Ivica Crnkovic

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Dec 2021.