Big Data @ Chalmers

​The ICT Area of Advance has launched a broad strategic project within Big Data, in collaboration with all Areas of Advance at Chalmers. In the first phase we are collecting the needs and interests at Chalmers.

David Sands“The availability of data is changing how research is performed in many areas. To fully benefit, researchers need to develop or adapt to new research methodologies. But the complexity of the underlying methods, tools and infrastructure is simply too large to be supported by a few individuals within a single research group. In a joint Areas of Advance initiative, we are working to boost expertise related to data sciences through joint activities, and a collaborative pool of data science and application experts. The ICT Area of Advance is leading this effort”, says David Sands, Co-director of ICT AoA. 
In this first phase we are engaged in dialogues with all the Areas of Advance to identify synergies and common needs.

“It’s a challenging task but we hope, later this year, to start recruiting a pool of data experts who can support research projects across all of the areas of advance”, says David Sands.

Pär Strand together with the ICT AoA is coordinating the “Big Data @ Chalmers” project.
The project has a 2-year funding period with 7 MSEK per year.




Published: Mon 09 Feb 2015. Modified: Thu 10 Dec 2015