Chalmers Initiative seminar Digitalisation - opportunites and challenges

A much appreciated Initiative seminar on Digitalisation

​We summarize our two-day seminar and describe how the Area of Advance ICT are planning for continued work forward.

With 330 participants over two days and a total of 34 speakers, we can proudly summarize the initiative seminar on Digitalisation as a success. The evaluation showed that the participants were satisfied or very satisfied and they particularly emphasized the wide range of prominent speakers who gave different perspectives on the current theme – opportunities and challenges of digitalisation.

Our participants also represented a wide range. About 30 percent came from industry or private sector, slightly less than ten percent from the public sector and half of the participants were from Universities or research institutes. The remaining ten percent were students from Chalmers and University of Gothenburg.

Chalmers DigiLab, a workshop for school children, which was arranged parallel to the seminar at Chalmers conference center, received 120 children over the two days. Twelve Chalmers students tutored the children under project management from Steve Cook, Norconsult.

What do we take with us from our two days? A common message from the presentations was that the digitalisation process is here in its full speed. Many technologies exist today and many new are appearing, many of them developed at Chalmers. The question is how to apply and combine these technologies to obtain the best results?  The consequences of digitalisation will be enormous. The society has to deal with it.

The seminar was a starting activity of a new initiative Digitalisation@Chalmers. The Area of Advance ICT has initiated an analysis on concrete digitalisation activities, and needs from industry and public sector, mapping them to Chalmers activities in research. The analysis will show the potential for Chalmers advances in the digitalisation process, for the future research, and research education. This will lead to new activities supported by ICT: preparation for new interdisciplinary projects and involvement in new national and international activities.

Ivica Crnkovic
Director of Chalmers Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology

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Published: Fri 07 Apr 2017.