Chalmers Initiative seminar Digitalisation - opportunites and challenges

Initiative seminar Digitalisation ​- Opportunities and Challenges

Thank you everyone who participated in our event!

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Digitalisation is the greatest transformational force of society of today. The digital revolution has radically, fundamentally and globally changed society and continues to do so. It affects how people interact and relate to each other, how we perceive things, how we take on tasks and how we find solutions. Digitalisation leads to a transformation of society's most important elements – growth, innovation, welfare, sustainability, security and democracy.
Opportunities and challenges
The opportunities that open up are extensive; increased level of service, automation and artificial intelligence, reduced environmental impact, more efficient processes in the industrial and service sectors and simplified everyday life.
At the same time, digitalisation brings many new challenges. A sustainable digitalisation requires capable handling of issues relating to privacy, security, energy consumption, as well as issues related to the transition that takes place when jobs disappear due to automation.
Come together
To meet the challenges and create a sustainable future we require knowledge and close collaboration between the various actors in society. Our initiative seminar Digitalisation – opportunities and challenges, bring together experts from research, industry and the public sector to discuss the digitalisation progress and its potential consequences. Prominent researchers, experts and managers from industry and society will present and discuss perspectives on digitalisation, future, threats and promises for the society of today and tomorrow. A broad audience from academia, industry and the public sector are invited to the seminar.
The two day seminar will be organised in four themes offering additional perspectives on digitalisation:
  • Connected world
  • Automated society
  • Data-driven innovation
  • Digital sustainability
Our digital natives
Our initiative seminar will also offer activities for school children.
The initiative seminar is a non-commercial arrangements by Chalmers Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology. The seminar is free of charge for participants.


Welcome to Chalmers 15-16 March 2017!
The Organizing Committee:
Ivica Crnkovic, Professor, Software Engineering
Urban Nuldén, Associate Professor, Applied Information Technology
Morten Fjeld, Professor, Interaction Design
David Sands, Professor, Software Technology
Jan Smith, Professor, Computer Science
Giuseppe Durisi, Associate Professor, Information theory
Elisabeth “Lotta” Kegel, Administrative officer
Malin Ulfvarson, Communications officer

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