ICT education at Chalmers

Master's programmes

Offered by the ICT departments,  Chalmers Master of Science degree program allows students to study a specific ICT research area intensively. 

All international masters programs are taught entirely in English and are closely linked to research. This results in international courses up-to-date and in line with frontline research.

• Working with researchers brings the students an understanding of the importance and impact of research, as well as knowledge of how successful research is performed.
• Working in joint projects with industry provides an insight of the benefit of sharing questions and solutions between academy and industry.

Areas of specialization include the following master's programmes:

Facts & Figures

  • In total, around 2,000 undergraduates study one of Chalmers’ ICT programmes.
  • In research education, around 300 PhD students are active at 15 laboratories within the ICT Area of Advance.
    Chalmers examines an average of almost 35 PhD students per year within ICT.
  • We are giving 3 M.Sc Engineering Programmes, 2 B.Sc Engineering Programmes, and 9 Master’s Programmes.

Published: Fri 23 Aug 2019.