Chalmers and Saab: Collaboration for increased inspiration and knowledge

The collaboration between Chalmers and Saab began in the 1950s. Together, the parties work in a broad cooperation, with educational issues as well as research and innovation.

Competence provisioning, research collaborations, development and access to labs or innovation systems; the strategic partnership agreement between Chalmers and Saab, signed in 2013, spans over large areas. The partnership is the basis for a long-term strategic collaboration, at all levels; from the individual researchers and research groups to top management. Together, Saab and the university set goals and identify topics where joint efforts benefit both parties.

For Saab, access to Chalmers’ expertise, for example in microwave technology, antenna systems, materials and signal processing, is of great importance. The long-term collaboration is one of the reasons why Saab is a world leader in the sensor area today. Chalmers, on the other hand, sees Saab as an obvious partner, in developing the educational programmes as well as initiating new research projects. As Saab is involved in programme and department councils, the company takes part in the planning and idea stages. Industry doctoral students and adjunct professors are also involved in the day-to-day work, in research collaborations, development and steering group meetings.

In addition to the above-mentioned research areas, AI, quantum technology and mathematics are fields of joint interest. Together with other companies in the west of Sweden, Saab and the university continuously develop their competences, not least within Chalmers’ competence centres ChaseOn and GigaHertz. Saab also offers opportunities for thesis projects for Chalmers’ students. The fact that Chalmers continues to educate engineers with updated and required competence is of importance for Saab, as well as for the western Swedish industry’s future and continuous competence provisioning.

In conclusion: Saab offers real applications and systems understanding through natural collaboration between different disciplines. Chalmers’ contributions are research at the forefront of technology, an innovative environment and in-depth knowledge. The sum is inspiration, increased knowledge and new perspectives – which benefits all.

Page manager Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020.