Ericsson and Chalmers: Collaboration in constant development

The strategic partnership between Ericsson and Chalmers is focused primarily on research. But future competence procurement and recruitment are also important parts of the collaboration.

Ericsson and Chalmers entered into a strategic partnership in 2014. Chalmers’ strategic partnerships are characterized by extensive collaborations, from management level down to the individual researcher. Twice a year, the steering group – which includes Chalmers’ President and Ericsson’s Head of Research – meet to discuss topics of a wide range: Which issues are crucial to address, right now and in the near future? How should programmes and courses develop to ensure future competence? Which research areas need to be highlighted, which parts of the collaboration are running smoothly and which are not? What are the future research needs? Can we create joint test beds or infrastructures to benefit both parties? During the steering group meetings, the collaboration’s intended way forward, as well as the aim of the partnership, is clarified.

The discussions then spark new assignments. A person in charge at each partner establishes contacts, initiates progress, and acts as an enabler. Everyday work creates incentives for increased collaboration – a close partnership gives clear symbiosis effects.

The emphasis of the partnership is on research. Together, Ericsson and Chalmers cooperate through a number of centres, research projects, and with industrial doctoral students as well as adjuncts. Collaborations are constantly evaluated to ensure optimal development.

Several parts within the Information and Communication Technology Area of Advance constitute important common research areas. A large part of the collaboration is carried out within Chalmers’ centres ChaseOn and GigaHertz, and the partnership Software Center.

But the strategic partnership also focuses on securing future competence procurement. Relevant educations at Chalmers are developed in dialogue with Ericsson. The partners also have joint student projects. The fact that Chalmers continues to educate talented future engineers is of great importance to Ericsson as it ensures possibilities to recruit future competent employees.

Page manager Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020.