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About the ICT Area of Advance

The Area of Advance ICT runs research initiatives that span several departments at Chalmers and provides a strategic contact point for our stakeholders – in areas related to information and communication technology. The goal is to contribute to a smarter, sustainable society. By gathering competencies from many disciplines, and in close cooperation with society and industry, we can achieve solutions to the major sustainability challenges of our time.

The future will place even tougher demands on information and communication technology, requiring complex technical systems for the handling of ever-increasing amounts of data. Chalmers University of Technology conducts research that is crucial in these areas.

The demands of the digital age have created a need for ground-breaking, innovative solutions within the fields of environment, healthcare, economics, and welfare. The Information and Communication Technology Area of Advance (ICT) is engaged in research that enables increased functionality of different systems, including intelligence and autonomy, fast and reliable communication, advanced data analysis, and solutions to key questions regarding safety, security, integrity, and sustainability.

ICT helps high-technological companies successfully develop their modern products in effective and sustainable ways. For years, Chalmers has been internationally recognised for its expertise in the development of high-performance and energy-efficient computer systems, in addition to the development of antennas and components for communication systems.

Software is one of the main parts in virtually all products of today, but also the main means for their development. Chalmers-led Software Centre, with strategic research collaboration with many leading Swedish and international companies, successfully works technical transfer and research exchange to foster Nordic industrial development. There is also a world-class cleanroom laboratory here at Chalmers, which has played an important role in establishing a widespread collaboration with leading industry players. 
Profile areas
  • ​Connected world
  • Automated society
  • AI
  • Digital sustainability
  • Future of computing
The Area of Advance ICT mainly gathers researchers from the below departments at Chalmers: 

Area of Advance ICT links to the other Areas of Advance and Excellence Initiatives at Chalmers:

ICT links to other areas: Energy, Health, Materials, Production, Transport and Nano.
ENERGY: Smart grids, sustainabile energy-efficient computing infrastructures, low-power electronics components and design

HEALTH: Biomedical engineering, eHealth, sensors, antennas for medical diagnostics and treatment, AI and big data for Life Science and Health 

MATERIALS: New materials for electronics and photonics, bendable materials for electronics

PRODUCTION: Automation, industry digitalisation 

TRANSPORT: Autonomous vehicles, automotive software, AI and big data for transport, Data security, Interaction design 

NANO: bottom-up nano electronics, quantum computing


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