Human genome code and binary code.

Digitalisation, big data and AI

Digitalisation propels innovation in medicine and healthcare and helps to automate and support treatment flows, at the same time that access to ever increasing data and more intelligent analysis methods create new opportunities. Greater access to and volumes of data, known as big data, and new analysis methods – increasingly often based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) – generate new opportunities, but also new challenges to tackle. There is great potential, and these new digital techniques can contribute to more efficient healthcare systems along with completely new tools for prevention, tailoring solutions to individuals, monitoring and diagnosis.

Chalmers’ departments have researchers with expertise in key technologies and processes in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, general computer science, security and software engineering, intelligent agents and image analysis/medical imaging, who are complemented by groups that apply these technologies, for example in structural bioinformatics with omics data and in analysis of human activities and behaviours. 

At system level Chalmers also has competence in digitalisation, management and automation in healthcare and medicine, including studies of organisational preparedness for and the effects of digital innovation and transformations. Together this can enable focused technical solutions to specific health and care challenges, but also increased collaboration to create integrated, larger systems as well as support for introduction in various parts of the healthcare system and organisations.

The overall goal of this profile in the Area of Advance is to provide an active and creative research environment, in which researchers in the fields of AI, big data and information technology work together with health-oriented researchers to develop new solutions. A great deal of Chalmers’ current research and collaboration is now stepping up a gear thanks to new funding opportunities such as Chalmers AI Research Centre, WASP-AI and AI Innovation of Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park. The profile of the Area of Advance has an important task in contributing to coordination and synchronisation of Chalmers’ many activities and being a point of contact for external partners that request Chalmers’ expertise. 

Page manager Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021.