Finished projects

​This web page lists finished projects within the intensified collaboration between Chalmers and Göteborg Energi.

Charging of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Busses (PHEV)

The plug-in hybrid electric bus (PHEV) transportation challenge concerns decisions on the design of the electric charging infrastructure and the sizing of the PHEV powertrain. The goal of this project is to find the optimal cost effective solution to this problem, which can be addressed by simultaneous optimization of the cost from charging stations, battery sizing and energy management strategy for the PHEVs. The PHEV transportation problem is to be solved by simulating a PHEV powertrain model over suitable bus lines in Göteborg.

Development of data algorithms for networks in order to increase adaptability and robustness in power grids

Since 2009, Göteborg Energi, has a system for automatic meter reading for facilities with a current of less than 63 A. The system manages the collection of about 270 000 facilities and uses a radio based technology.
The introduction of this advanced meter reading infrastructure results in large volumes of data associated with the electricity grid. With appropriate processing and interpretation, these data can be used to support resource planning, fault tolerance and adaptability of the network. With the right information at hand you can for example:
  1. Control and aggregate the electricity delivery on demand.
  2. Discover critical situations and react to isolated parts of the network.
  3. Let customers take pre-planned decisions to improve energy efficiency.
One aim of the project is to create an understanding of how network operations can be influenced and optimized and to develop algorithms and methods to manage and control the network in order to minimize solutions that require intervention in the hardware.

A river vessel as a platform for testing and validation of technology

The project aims to clarify the conditions for including the ability to evaluate alternative fuel sources in ongoing projects with the next generation of Västtrafik´s river vessels. Concrete goal of the project is to investigate the feasibility of using a future river vessel (Älvpendel) as a test platform for new technology.

Inventory and Evaluation of Environmental Performance Indices for Shipping

Environmental and sustainability information is an important part of sustainability efforts in business and public sectors. To have a standardized form and a certification of data are essential to be able to use the information.
For a long time industry has not seen maritime transport as a prioritized part of a product´s life cycle. Recently, however, interest has increased, mainly due to the fact that maritime transport in total makes up a large part of Swedish import and that consumers/customers are demanding recognition of the overall environmental impact of products.
Today there are various different indices and attempts at standardization. In the project an inventory and evaluation of existing indices are performed. The project result will represent a starting point in order to be able to evaluate different indices concerning specified uses and users.

Published: Thu 07 Apr 2016.