Ongoing projects

​This web page lists ongoing projects within each of the themes of the collaboration between Eon and Chalmers.

Future Energy Systems 

Electricity networks of tomorrow – the role of DSO/TSO and DSM
This project has the aim to increase the understanding of the role of end-use technologies and electricity networks in the future energy system. These two aspects are strongly connected and have therefore to be investigated together, as is done in this project, which is divided into two parts; 1. Demand side management potentials and 2. Electricity networks for tomorrow, i.e., the role of different parts of the electricity networks.
Project manager at Chalmers: Mikael Odenberger

Efficient operation of distribution system with high level of distributed generation, energy storage systems and controllable loads
This project aims at investigating the future opportunities and challenges of integrating renewable-based distributed generation and energy storage system in the distribution system. To address the challenges, the project will develop a framework for coordinated control of distributed generation, energy storage system, controllable loads and on-load tap changing transformers for efficient operation of the distribution system.
Project manager at Chalmers: Tuan Le

Efficient use of Biomass 

Future potential of biomass as a resource for energy products
The project aims to advance the understanding of: (i) how natural conditions in combination with development of land use systems for biomass production determines what types and volumes of biomass that can be produced in different world regions; and (ii) how the evolving institutional context influences the conditions for biomass production by determining which production systems that are feasible or not. “Feasibility” is in this context evaluated in relation to specific markets, where the focus is on EU markets.
Project manager at Chalmers: Göran Berndes
Gasification of biomass and gas cleaning for the efficient production of biogas by gasification in the scale of 100-300 MW
Financing within this project is allocated to the Center for Indirect Gasification of Biomass (CIGB), which is coordinated by Chalmers. The foremost interest of the project is in the area of gas cleaning of raw gas and fluiddynamics. Based on experimental work in both the Chalmers 2-4 MW gasifier and a Chemical-Looping Reformer (CLR) an integrated design for a biomass-fuelled gasification unit including a catalytic gas conditioning reactor is developed. The aim of the work is to gain sufficient knowledge and operational experience to make it feasible to build such units in sizes between 100 and 300 MW.
Project manager at Chalmers: Martin Seemann
More efficient combustion of heterogeneous biomass mixtures in fluidized beds
Biomass in general is an extremely problematic fuel as it has heterogeneous properties that produce an uneven release of combustible gas and it has very unfavorable ash properties, which can result in fouling and agglomeration problems. These difficulties penalize the electrical efficiency and increase maintenance costs.
As a spin-off from the first period of the Eon–Chalmers collaboration a method has been developed that elicits new opportunities to operate a boiler, which is expected to reduce problems related to ash melting and production or removal of unwanted emissions, e.g. NOx and SOx. In this project the aim is to investigate how this method can be exploited, by experimental work in Chalmers boiler and the ambition is also to test it in a number of Eon's commercial units.
Project manager at Chalmers: Henrik Thunman

Nuclear reactor safety

Support for the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Centre (SNEC)
The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Centre (SNEC) is a newly established centre at Chalmers, with the aim to coordinate and structure research, education, and communication about nuclear energy in a comprehensive, responsible, and critical manner. SNEC will complement the Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology (SKC) by creating a forum where researchers, students, and industry members would be in direct contact.
Project manager at Chalmers: Christian Ekberg


Besides research, the collaboration also covers a number of different education oriented projects and activities.
Nuclear Engineering Masters Program 
As new nuclear technology is introduced and a 'retirement gap' is expected in the nuclear industry within the near future, there is a need for skilled, well-educated nuclear engineers. In the framework of the Eon–Chalmers collaboration a masters program in Nuclear Engineering has been developed. This is now the broadest and largest nuclear education at university level in Sweden. The aim of the programme is to provide both basic and advanced knowledge of the physics, chemistry and technology of nuclear power, the nuclear fuel cycle, and other useful applications of radionuclides.
In addition to the Master Program there is a related ongoing project with the specific aim to increase the recruitment of students to the Nuclear Engineering Masters Program, in particular electrical engineering students and mechanical engineering students. The aim is also to increase European student exchange.
Project manager at Chalmers: Anders Nordlund   

Published: Thu 04 Aug 2016.