We are standing on the threshold of radical changes in European and global energy systems. Chalmers’ energy-related research is at the heart of both the challenges and the opportunities presented to industry and society by these changes. Conducting world class energy technology and system research is fundamental within the Energy Area of Advance. Special strengths are the close cooperation between different energy technology and system areas as well as the development of internationally acclaimed energy system models.
We are working and networking with external organisations and industries, such as the Swedish Chemical Industry Cluster, the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre, and various EU Horizon 2020 groups, helping us to identify specific research problems, as well as industrial and societal needs. In addition, our strategic industrial agreements and the establishment of an Industrial Advisory Board afford close, continuous dialogue with key industries. We are able to identify research problems that are challenging from a scientific point of view and, at the same time, address industrial and societal needs.
The Energy Area of Advance is the largest single Area of Advance at Chalmers. It covers all the important elements of basic science, energy technology and system research as well as connections to economy and social sciences. 
The large strategic research programme Chalmers Energy Initiative used to be an important part of the research activities within the Energy Area of Advance. The Chalmers Energy Initiative programme ended in 2014 and the strategic research continues at equal intensity within the Energy Area of Advance.


Our vision is to retain our position as one of the leading universities internationally with regards to the future sustainable energy system, with high relevance to industry and society.

Profile areas

The Energy Area of Advance has identified six energy challenges in the transition to a sustainable society. Around those energy challenges, we have constructed our profile areas into which most part of our funds is canalized. All profile areas are cross-disciplinary and coupled with education and innovation activities in collaboration with research institutes, industry and society. The profile areas within the Energy Area of Advance are:

The research within the profile areas is carried out at different Chalmers departments, for example at Energy and Environment, Chemistry and Chemical Engineerng, Biology and Biological Engineering, Signals and Systems, Applied Physics, Applied Mechanics, and Mathematics.

Outstanding research

We have a strong international position, with – related to Chalmers Energy Initiative – high impact of our publications (Cf=1.52, with 12 % top 5% articles) A more holistic understanding on energy challenges ahead has evolved trough our strategic research programmes, where we combine in-depth knowledge of key enabling technologies with their system impact.
The energy system challenges of tomorrow calls for an enhanced interplay between all stakeholders in society. Through Chalmers Energy Area of Advance we can further develop the dynamic, interdisciplinary collaborations that we believe are crucial. Our special strength is the close cooperation between different energy technology and system areas, as well as the development of internationally acclaimed energy system models.

Research infrastructure

Access to high-end research tools is generally a prerequisite for performing excellent research. A list of research infrastructure used by Chalmers scientists for energy-related research can be found in our webpage Research infrastructure.

Published: Fri 13 Jan 2012. Modified: Wed 11 Jul 2018