Energy in Urban Development

Energy in Urban Development is one of six profile areas within Chalmers Energy Area of Advance. This profile area tackles the challenge of reducing the use of fossil energy in the building sector.
The building sector is an important facet of the influence on global warming, accounting for about 30–40 % of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, there is significant potential for reducing our climate impact by improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
The vision of the Energy in Urban Development profile is to contribute to reaching a global sustainable development with a primary focus on urban developments, to further develop cutting-edge applied research and demonstrator projects on single and multi building scale, and to facilitate meeting points for knowledge sharing.
The main focuses of the Energy in Urban Development profile are on the single building scale – where the interaction between design of new buildings, refurbishment of existing buildings, and their energy supply are important – as well as on multi building scale up to the city level.

Active research fields

The profile includes three active research fields:
  • Indoor environmental quality
    This research field aims at understanding and explaining the factors that determine and secure an appropriate indoor environment in relation to the energy performance in various types of buildings.
  • Energy on single building scale
    Research in this field deals with design of buildings using novel and advanced materials, components and systems. The research targets refurbishment of old and less old buildings, as well as new state-of-the-art nearly zero-energy buildings.
  • Energy on multi building scale
    Research in this field targets larger energy systems, from a global level down to the district and neighbourhood level. The aim is to analyse how smart and energy efficient technologies can provide solutions to current and future challenges.

Ongoing activities

The Energy in Urban Development profile is rather young, and large effort is spent on developing the profile further. The profile has also launched four research work packages:

  • National research school on “Building System Design and Performance”
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Renovation for energy efficiency
  • Thermal energy storage solutions

Read more about the Energy in Urban Development profile area and its activities in Short version profile plan for Energy in Urban Development 2015–2019.


Page manager Published: Thu 31 May 2018.