Profile areas

Over the last two centuries the scale and scope of human society have changed rapidly and radically. At the heart of this grand transition is a hundred-fold increase of energy supply. It is mainly based on exhaustible resources and has drastic consequences for the global environment. And still, a large share of the global population is waiting to reap the fruits of the development.

Climate change, but also economic and political factors, clearly point to the urgent need for a rapid transition to sustainable energy systems. In December 2015, the Swedish government presented its vision on being the first fossilfree society in the world, an ambition supported broadly by Swedish universities and industries.

In the transition to sustainability, the energy sector faces a number of complex challenges. Chalmers Energy Area of Advance has identified five urgent energy challenges which Chalmers is well-equipped to tackle, and where we have the potential to make a substantial difference. Around each of the challenges, we have constructed a multi-disciplinary focus area, which we refer to as profile areas, into which most part of our strategic funds and efforts are canalised.

The tools for progress used in the Energy Area of Advance are excellent research and transverse collaborations in close interaction with industry and society. Attractive research environments are created by combining expertise from different disciplines in order to assemble the knowledge and competence needed to tackle the challenges. Integration of research, education, and utilisation also plays an important role.

The energy challenges specifically addressed by the Energy Area of Advance are:

Page manager Published: Thu 15 Apr 2021.