New director of the Energy Area of Advance

​The Energy Area of Advance welcomes Maria Grahn as the new director. She will be replacing Mats Rydehell the 1 October 2017.
Maria Grahn is today a part of the profile area management for Sustainable Vehicle Technologies - one of six profile areas within Chalmers Energy Area of Advance.

– It is with great excitement that I look forward to leading the Energy Area of Advance, says Maria Grahn. A global shift in the energy system aiming at lower emission of greenhouse gas is a key element in reaching the ambitious climate goals. Sweden aims at being one of the first welfare nations in the world boasting zero net emission of greenhouse gas. This means that there are huge energy related societal challenges for the Area of Advance to take on and collaboration is a key term.

Maria was recently acknowledged for her research collaboration with Karin Andersson, focusing on the future of the shipping industry. They received the 2017 Areas of Advance Award.

Maria Grahn's research at the department of Space, Earth and Environment is within the area of energy systems analysis, focusing on fuels for transport, global energy systems modeling, cost-effective use of biomass, global warming and carbon dioxide reductions. Maria is also interested in the global car fleet, the role of Electrofuels (fuels produced from carbon dioxide and water with the help of electricity) and in future fuels for the shipping industry.

Published: Mon 25 Sep 2017. Modified: Wed 27 Sep 2017