Energy on Campus (Epoc)

The transition to a sustainable energy system requires new and more efficient ways to use and produce energy. Chalmers is developing its campuses into living laboratories for new and smart energy solutions in an urban environment.

Click the image to see the King of Sweden touring Energy on Campus.The Energy on Campus (Epoc) initiative is a response to the urgent need to change over to a sustainable energy system. By developing Chalmers' Johanneberg campus into a living laboratory, it will be possible to develop and test new energy solutions in an urban environment – something that has been identified as a key factor for society to be able to change over.

The Johanneberg campus is well suited to the tests. It is an undivided area comprising different types of buildings of various ages and energy performance. A large number of people move through and within the area every day – people work, visit, study, eat and live there. It is also a natural meeting place for excellent researchers, and there is a solid tradition of innovation and cross-border cooperation.
Epoc will make it easier for researchers and teachers to use Chalmers' campus area in their teaching and research, and it will give students the opportunity, within the framework of their project work and thesis, to test their ideas in full-scale experiments in Chalmers' buildings and infrastructure. External actors are also invited to take part in appropriate projects to collaborate with Chalmers in resolving major global and local challenges related to energy. 

Together with Chalmers' property owner and the environmental unit, we are working to make the campus more energy efficient and for innovative sustainability solutions to take root and develop. 

The Energy on Campus initiative has initiated and started the projects Smart Building Complex and Solar Initiative, and initiated the research within the collaborative ElectriCity project. There are already several other projects under way on Chalmers' campus that fall under the Epoc umbrella conceptually. They are collected under the Related Projects page (under construction).

Some of the projects have been marked as hotspots on a map. You are welcome to download the map and use it to tour the campus, for example.

Programme management

Energy on Campus was initiated by the Chalmers Energy Area of Advance, and is headed by Jenny Forshufvud at Chalmers Energy Area of Advance and Ulf Östermark at Johanneberg Science Park (contact details are found in the Contact page). The programme management identifies needs and opportunities within Chalmers' energy-related operations, and connects them with the right actors within academia, business and the public sector. We make sure that the right people meet and that ideas are given a chance to be realised.

Published: Wed 03 Jun 2015. Modified: Tue 08 Nov 2016