Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions (CIIST)

Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions (CIIST) is a knowledge node that brings together scientists from multiple disciplines to develop an understanding of the complex transformation processes needed to achieve a sustainable society.

Most of the world’s nations have signed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The Paris Climate Change Agreement demands that high-income countries cut their emissions to practically zero by 2050. Just a few decades is a short time to achieve these goals.

The systems that need to be adapted, including energy and transportation systems, are large and complex. How can we create the overall changes the world needs in the allotted time? Achieving ambitious societal objectives requires collective measures, as well as private and public players who dare to spearhead the transition.

Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions is developing the expertise to support the necessary transition processes.

Interdisciplinary knowledge is the key
Transition processes are complex. With its wide range of perspectives and approaches, Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions is one of the world’s foremost research environments in the field. The initiative links different insights to create an understanding of the interaction between processes and systems at many levels – from the global level to individuals’ daily lives. The goal is to understand what governments, businesses and civil society can do to stimulate the transition.

Support for active participation in the transition
The initiative offers knowledge on how to implement transitions, and supports advances towards achieving the UN’s and other challenging sustainability objectives at the regional, national and international levels. It aims to promote the transition to sustainable societies by serving as a resource for stakeholders such as government agencies, businesses and the academic world.

Strong base in a fellowship of knowledge and expertise
The initiative springs from a well-grounded knowledge community in two of Chalmers’ fields of expertise – innovation and sustainability. As a university with a long-standing reputation for collaboration, Chalmers is a natural arena for co-creation transitions.


Page manager Published: Mon 11 Oct 2021.