Presentations from Chalmers Energy Conference 2011

Download pdf-versions of the presentations from the Chalmers Energy Conference below (in chronological order). Some of the presentations are not available in full length due to confidentiality reasons, but contact details to the speaker are then displayed.

Wednesday January 26

Biomass and CCS – introduction and setting the scene

Introduction and welcome
Anne-Marie Hermansson, Vice President Chalmers
Chalmers Energy Area of Advance
Thore Berntsson, Director Chalmers Energy Area of Advance
The Chalmers Energy Conference
Filip Johnsson, Conference Chair
EU climate policy: does it matter?
Branko Bosnjakovic, Former Regional Adviser for Environment of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Switzerland
CCS & Biomass – role in Europe
Filip Johnsson, Chalmers


Henrik Thunman, Chalmers
Stefan Heyne, Chalmers
Biorefineries – Extending the product portfolio  of future pulp mills
Bio-alcohols and other biofuels
Bioethanol production-from lab medium to large scale lignocellulosic fermentations
Lisbeth Olsson, Chalmers

Post combustion capture
Henrik Jilvero, Chalmers
CCS in the European Trading Scheme
Christina Olsen-Lundh, School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg University
Curent status of R&D in post combustion CO2 capture
Kaj Thomsen, Technical University of Denmark

Thursday January 27

Presentations by young researchers at Chalmers



Oxy-fuel Combustion - Research at Chalmers University
Daniel Fleig and Daniel Kühnemuth, Chalmers
CCS in the process industry
Viktor Andersson, Chalmers

Biomass and CCS – Bridging to the future

Sander van Egmond, Utrecht Centre for Energy Reserach, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
The Politics and Policy of CCS
Oluf Langhelle, University of Stavanger, Norway
Public perception on CCS
David Reiner, Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK
Storage potentials in Europe for CO2
Michelle S Bentham, British Geological Surveys, UK
Bioenergy for development and climate change mitigation: expansion options for Brazil
Gerd Sparovek, Sao Paulo Univ / ESAL, Brazil
From lignocellulose to fermentable sugars – enzymes that do the job
Claus Felby, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Panel discussion – Challenges for industry and academia


Maria Björk, Stora Enso


Sune Wännström, SEKAB 

Lars Strömberg, Vattenfall


Anders Lewald, Swedish Energy Agency

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