Chalmers Energy Conference 2011

The first Chalmers Energy Conference – a new forum for academia and stakeholders involved in shaping tomorrow’s energy system - was arranged at Chalmers January 26–27 2011. The overall theme of the conference was “Bridging to Sustainable Energy Systems”. Results from research on energy technology and how to successfully transform research to demonstration and full scale projects was in focus.

The conference was a two day event with plenary talks and parallel sessions covering the following themes:
•    Large scale substitution of natural gas with Bio-SNG
•    Biorefineries - Extending the product portfolio of future pulp mills
•    Bio-alcohols and other biofuels
•    Carbon Capture and Storage
•    Energy Systems Perspectives
The first day of the conference was hosted in cooperation with the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) - see  


Click here to download presentations from the conference.


Conference Program 2011

Chalmers Energy Conference Program 26-27 January (PDF).pdf

All Conference participants received the book "European Energy Pathways - Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems". The book describes the research that has been carried out during the first period (2006-2010) of the AGS project “Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems”.


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