2015: Seminar and workshop on building-integrated photovoltaics

​This is a seminar and workshop with international authorities in BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaics) such as Ingo Hagemann, architect and environmental scientist from Aachen, Germany and Wiep Folkerts from SEAC - Solar Energy Application Centre, Eindhoven, Netherlands.The seminar and workshop is an event within the "Solar Test Bed" www.solartestbed.se with support from Vinnova/VGR. 

Note! The seminar has already taken place.

Date: March 3 2015

Place: Chalmers Student Union Building, Chalmersplatsen 1

For questions please contact Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, +46 31 772 11 53 or jan-olof.dalenback@chalmers.se


09.20 Welcome - Anders Ådahl & Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Chalmers Energy Area of Advance


09.30 BIPV Product Design – Framework and Challenges - Ingo Hagemann, MBA, Aachen, DE
10.30 BIPV - Opportunities and Innovative solutions - Wiep Folkerts, SEAC, NL
11.15 Frodeparken – Swedens’ largest PV Facade - David Larsson, Solkompaniet, SE

11.45 Matching PV output and electricity use in large buildings – Economic feasibility - Maria Haegermark, Chalmers
13.00 ”Green and smart energy solutions” - Richard Nicolin, Eneo Solutions
13.20 Are the fiscal and legal frameworks in support of Solar? (in Swedish) - Arne Andersson, Consultant, Ex. Bixia

13.40 Working groups with themes related to identified barriers - Peter Kovacs, SP
15.00 Working groups report ideas as input for possible Hackathons - Peter Kovacs, SP
16.00 End 


Download programme in pdf


Registration is closed.  

Note: The event is free of charge. If you are not able to attend, please contact energy@chalmers.se before February 24 to cancel your registration. If registration is not canceled you will receive an invoice of 500 SEK.  

Published: Mon 05 Nov 2018.