2015: Energy in Urban Development – What's next?

Energy efficiency is a key factor in sustainable cities. This seminar addresses energy opportunities and challenges in urban areas at different levels – from single buildings to entire cities and countries. Among the speakers is Swedish Minister for Energy, Ibrahim Baylan.

Date: 19 November 2015
Location: Virtual Development Laboratory, Chalmers

The seminar has already taken place, read more in the our news item Minister of Energy speaking at Chalmers seminar.


10:15 Holger Wallbaum, professor in sustainable building, Chalmers
Download Holger Wallbaum's presentation Energy in Urban Development – What's next?

10:30 Karl Viridén, architecht and Norman Foster Solar Award winner
Refurbishments beyond Energy Plus

11:05 Ulrika Jardfelt, Eon Värme
Future district heating
Download Ulrika Jardfelt's presentation Future district heating.

11:40 Torsten Kleiss, strategic director of Siemens Building Technologies
Monitoring and benchmarking the energy performance of large building stocks
Download Torsten Kleiss' presentation Monitoring and benchmarking energy performance in large building stocks.

13:10 Ylva Löf, head of division for urban development of Gothenburg city
Urban Development in Gothenburg
Download Ylva Löf's presentation Urban development in Gothenburg

13:45 Ibrahim Baylan, Swedish Minister for Energy
The energy revolution – challenges and possibilities

Published: Mon 05 Nov 2018.