Scientific impact

CEI have a strong international position, with high impact of our publications, the research areas have grown in size, focus has adapted as the science has evolved. A more holistic understanding on energy challenges ahead has evolved, where we have combined in-depth knowledge of key enabling technologies with their system impact. Our research has led to new external and internal collaborations.

Due to the evolved critical mass of research groups and established unique experimental infrastructure innovative ideas have defined different novel biorefinery concepts. Process integration has met the technical expertise areas and based in that we have won a large national bio-economy grant (read more about research area Energy Combine). Furthermore, Prof. A. Lyngfeldt received an ERC advanced grant. Prof. G. Berndes is leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 43 and served as lead author for an IPCC Special Report chapter.

To assess the transformation of the European electricity system we have developed one of the most comprehensive energy system modelling packages, including an extensive database containing data on all the power plants in the European energy infrastructure (read more about research areas Large-scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration and Technology Impact Assessments).

Targeting next generation of batteries the build up of Chalmers Battery Research Laboratory has given experimental opportunities. The technical research has been combined with LCA, recycling and recharging issues making us attractive partners for three prestigious EU-projects. One result from our research on the optimization and energy management of electrified and autonomous vehicles is a unique database on real vehicles (read more about research area Electric Propulsion Systems and Hybrid Vehicles).

We have been given the trust to organise and host four cutting-edge international conferences within the areas Smart Grid Technologies, Process Integration, Life Cycle Management and Chemical Looping.
CEI financed research has led to that we are attractive partners in 46 EU-projects including that Assistant Professor Kasper Moth-Poulsen won an ERC starting grant (read more about EU-projects).
To evaluate and reflect on our scientific impact we performed a biblometric analysis at the end of 2013 over publication output from CEI active researchers.

Page manager Published: Fri 30 May 2014.