Publications and bibliometrics

We publish our results frequently in the scientific literature and publications can be found in Chalmers publication library ( In 2013, our output was composed of 11 book chapters, 140 journal articles, 50 conference publications and 23 other publications. During 2010-2013 we had 18 patent applications.

Metadata from CEI publications (2008-2013) downloaded from Web of Science. Networks and clusters have been constructed from these data.


The research carried out at the CEI between 2010 and 2012 had a high and constant impact (Cf =1.52); 12 % of our articles reach top 5 % publication in their respective field, and 22 % reach top 10 %.  In a more detailed bibliometric analysis we compared the out-put in two different time periods and also looked at the normalized citation impact and the normalized impact of the journals we publish in and from that data we can conclude that our research reach high scientific impact.


Page manager Published: Fri 30 May 2014.