The Chalmers Energy Initiative (CEI) is based on the raised level of funding for strategically important research areas appointed by the Swedish Government in the Bill “A Boost to Research and Innovation”. Chalmers has been granted SEK 58 million per annum from 2012 and in total SEK 230 million for the period 2010-2014. The President of Chalmers has pledged to provide additional support to Chalmers Energy Initiative corresponding to at least 50% of the sum granted.

CEI complements and further strengthens:

  • the well-established energy research environment at Chalmers
  • energy-related competence centres at Chalmers
  • Chalmers’ work for benefits for society from Chalmers’ energy research 


CEI covers four research areas: Energy Combines, Electric propulsion systems and hybrid vehicles, Large-scale renewable electricity generation and grid integration. In our work, we have added a fourth system oriented area, Technology Impact Assessment. Chalmers collaborates with the two institutes SP Technical Research Institute (in all four areas of CEI) and Innventia (within Energy Combines).

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Energy Combine

Large-scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration

Electric Propulsion Systems and Hybrid Vehicles

Technology Impact Assessments

Systems Perspectives on... A series of evolving E-books 


Society and industry

Successful collaboration with industry

Making science useful

Scientific impact

Research infrastructure



Responsible for scientific coordination of CEI is:
Area of Advance Director Maria Grahn
+46 31 772 31 04
Area of Advance Co-director Anders Hellman
+46 31 772 56 11

Contact details to the four research areas are listed on the respective page.​​

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Oct 2018.