Electric Propulsion Systems and Hybrid Vehicles

The electrification of road vehicles is accelerating globally and leading car manufacturers are currently devoting substantial resources to meet market expectations for safe, energy efficient and affordable vehicle concepts. 

The work within this research area aims at further strengthening our core activities related to the development of efficient electrical drive systems, (new materials for) safe, long-lasting and sustainable batteries and advanced vehicle control, monitoring and navigation systems. Furthermore, we will assess the viability and impact of electrified vehicles and explore the integration between the stationary and mobile energy systems, thereby consolidating our role as policy advisor in this field.  

Research packages

The work is divided into three research packages:  

Safe and sustainable materials and batteries 

Significant improvements in battery cost, life length and safety are vital in order for electric propulsion systems to become attractive on a large scale. This activity includes research on materials for batteries, especially improved electrolytes to increase safety, as well as research to ensure that the batteries can be recycled in a cost effective and environmental friendly process. It also includes the study of management and assessment of new material flows that are set in motion through electrified vehicles. 


Multi level vehicle analysis  

Investigations about future vehicles require detailed knowledge on several system levels. This activity will create a combined platform that describes the different system levels and their interactions. It will be a high-level and flexible model platform for analyses of different hybrid and electric vehicles. The platform should facilitate the investigation and understanding of key elements influencing efficiency, cost and performance and the trade-off between these factors. It will support in-depth studies performed within the different groups and will also stimulate interaction, and enhance capacity building in the groups.


Life cycle assessment of electrified vehicles 

This activity aims at a broad life cycle assessment of electrified vehicles for different transport market sectors, in order to find where they provide most environmental benefit.




Research Area Manager

Professor Bo Egardt 




Karin Davidsson 

karin.davidsson@sp.se+46 10 516 51 84

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