Centres at Area of Advance Energy

At Chalmers University of Technology are a number of centres, national competence centres as well as other centres which cooperate across traditional departmental boundaries. Some of the centers are hosted by Chalmers Energy Area of Advance, EAoA. You find them together with the energy-related centres, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Centre for Chemical Process Engineering, CPE
CPE is a centre at Chalmers University of Technology. CPE promotes cooperation between industry and academia for development of the chemical engineering field. The centre includes companies in industries with specialization in chemistry, plastics, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers.

Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe  (Hosted by EAoA)
The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe is an industry-academia initiative that was formed together with a set of CEOs. The purpose is to develop and share knowledge on management that creates high and sustainable value for employees, customers, society and shareholders. Organizations that aim for a higher purpose often are able to push the boundaries by taking on entrepreneurial challenges which go beyond their competitors’ activities. CHLE try to understand and develop the practices of creating and leading these organizations. 

Centre for management of the built environment, CMB​ (website only in Swedish)
CMB is Sweden's principle forum for management issues relating to the built environment. CMB comprises four Chalmers departments and around 40 of the market's key players, in the private, public and corporate sectors. Our objective is to promote a modern approach to management and contribute to a sustainable built environment. 

Combustion Engine Research Center, CERC
CERC is a university-industrial partnership performing engine research on reduced fuel consumption (lower CO2 production) and exhaust emissions. We focus on new direct-injected engine combustion concepts and renewable fuels. CERC performs applied and basic experiments, develops models, and experimentally validates models.

Competence Centre for Catalysis, KCK
KCK is a national interdisciplinary research centre which is focused on environmental catalysis and energy-related catalysis. The vision is to contribute to sustainable transport-, energy- and environmental systems by developing state-of-the-art catalytic techniques. The Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and six member companies finance the research.

Competence Centre for High Temperature Corrosion, HTC
HTC is a Swedish competence centre devoted to high temperature corrosion. Our vision is to generate new generic knowledge that helps solve critical corrosion issues, thereby contributing to the development of a more sustainable energy system. HTC is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and 22 companies.

Competence Centre Recycling, CCR (website only in Swedish, English website under reconstruction)
Competence Centre Recycling has the aim to be a creative platform for a broad research and development co-operation between academia and industry in the material recycling area. Material recycling and reuse of materials and components are central parts of a resource smart material use in a sustainable society.

f3 – Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Fuels (Hosted by EAoA​)
f3 Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels is a nationwide centre for collaboration between industry, academia, research institutes and authorities engaged in contributing to a sustainable transport sector.​

Mistra Urban Futures
Mistra Urban Futures is a research centre that collaborates across disciplines to deliver knowledge and tools needed to enable fair, green and dense cities. Platforms and projects in Cape Town, Gothenburg, Manchester, Kisumu and Shanghai deliver knowledge and results to impact on the transformation of cities.

Nationellt renoveringscentrum (website only in Swedish)
Nationellt renoveringscentrum (RC) is a Swedish national centre for renovation of buildings. Through knowledge creation and dissemination of information, RC aims to support various players in the construction sector to implement an efficient refurbishment process. Existing buildings are to be energy efficient and their function maintained or improved to meet the demands of users and authorities.

Swedish Academic Initiative on Nuclear Technology Research, SAINT (Hosted by EAoA)
The centre is an interdisciplinary forum where all actors in nuclear engineering and activities involving ionizing radiation have an area to meet, exchange ideas and inspire each other in new innovative research. The centre coordinates and maintains key competences, and informs about nuclear energy in a comprehensive, responsible and critical manner.

Swedish Electromobility Centre (Hosted by EAoA)

Swedish Electromobility Centre is a national centre of excellence for electric and hybrid vehicles and charging infrastructure. The centre serves as a base for integration between academia, industry and society. The research covers system studies and methods, electrical machines and drives, energy storage, vehicle analysis and fuel cell technology.

Swedish Life Cycle Center
This is a centre of excellence for the advance of life cycle thinking in industry and other parts of society. The centre aims for credible and applied life cycle thinking globally and has a mission to improve the environmental performance of products and services, as a natural part of sustainable development.

skt VindkraftsTekniskt Centrums vision är att vindkraftverk i Sverige har hög tillförlitlighet och kostnadseffektiv drift för att främja industrin och vindkraftsutbyggnaden i Sverige. Målsättningen är att forskningen ska leda till en ökad livslängd hos vindkraftverken med hjälp av bättre lastprediktering, optimal drift samt förebyggande underhåll och kostnadseffektiv elsystemintegration.

Wallenberg Wood Science Center

Att främja interaktioner och skapa en öppen forskningsmiljö mellan akademi, industri, forskningsinstitut, privata stiftelser och staten är målet för Treesearch. Detta skapar en nationell gemensam insats som lägger grunden för framtida innovationer från skogen som i sin tur bidrar till  att göra Sverige ledande i utvecklingen till att bli en cirkulär biobaserad ekonomi. Målet för Treesearch är att bli en världsledande samverkansplattform för forskning på nya material och specialkemikalier från den svenska skogen.

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