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As a result of globalisation, migration, urbanisation and economic growth, our society is currently facing many challenges related to limited access to energy and natural resources. Although many of our current societal challenges are related to migration and urbanisation, many solutions can also be found in the use of technology for the creation of sustainable cities where smart solutions contribute to responsible use of resources and foster creativity, culture and innovation.

The rapid development of digital tools and processes brings exciting and far-reaching possibilities for sustainable design and engineering; various designs and scenarios can be simulated using increasingly sophisticated models, optimised to minimise the environmental footprint and maximise function and form, and visualised in virtual environments.

The virtual cities profile explores the use of digital tools in the creation of future sustainable cities, including the use of simulation, modelling, optimisation, visualisation and auralisation. Together these tools create a virtual environment, in which designs can be compared and qualified, construction processes can be simulated and evaluated, and the full complexity of urban planning can be visualised to support designers, decision makers and the general public in making informed and sustainable design decisions.

Active fields

The profile activities are divided into four active fields that explore different aspects of the virtualisation of the design and construction of the built environment:

The vision of sustainable societies is demanding a lot from how we design our built environments. Central in this challenge is the limited access to energy and other resources, a rapidly increasing global urbanisation and the need for smart and sustainable infrastructures for transport and communication.

Within the profile area Virtual Cities we have accepted the challenge of developing a virtual simulation tool aiming at facilitating further progress toward more sustainable societies — VirtualCity@Chalmers. The purpose of the tool is to simplify the planning and evaluation of the development and building of our societies.

If you are interested in reading more about our project VirtualCity@Chalmers, you can also visit the project website at:

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