Land use and water

Besides the energy and material resources, the use of land and water for built-environment-related activities is often underrepresented in scientific as well as public debate. This field will promote the appropriate consideration of these resources in terms of a discussion paper describing the current status and the challenges ahead. This activity offers synergies with the Climate-KIC flagship project called Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD), the research cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on the “ferry-free road, E39” as well as a number of other projects within different departments at Chalmers.

Key researchers

Liane Thuvander, Dept of Architecture
Ulrika Lundqvist, Dept of Energy and Environment
Sebastien Rauch, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Holmberg, Dept of Energy and Environment
Magdalena Svanström/Gustav Sandin, KoK
Jennifer McConville, Dept of Architecture

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Sep 2017.