Drivers and implications of resource usage and distribution

The availability and usage of resources are heterogeneous throughout the world. Today 20 per cent of the world population is using 80 per cent of all resources globally. The societal, environmental and economic implications, both positive and negative, are obviously neither the same nor fairly distributed. This activity will describe the concrete consequences on a case-study basis. This development offers synergies with the activities of Mistra Urban Futures and other on-going projects at Chalmers with a focus on developing countries, such as WET’s water project in Bolivia and the Reality Studio in Tanzania.

Key researchers

Liane Thuvander, Dept of Architecture
Jaan-Henrik Kain, Dept of Architecture
Sebastien Rauch, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Holmberg, Dept of Energy and Environment
Henrikke Baumann

Funded by or in collaboration with

Mistra Urban Futures
Challenge Lab
Swedish Life Cycle Centre

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Sep 2017.