Profile Areas

The Chalmers Area of Advance Building Futures is clustered in four thematic profile areas:

Liveable Cities

Cities are among the most complex creations of man. They mirror every time periods' views of social relations, availability, employment and culture — and they are in constant transformation. It is through that transformation the dynamic which both is and develops our societies is created.
Contact: Liane Thuvander, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods

Resilient infrastructures

Through infrastructures the flows of humans, information, thoughts, material and energy are running and governing our societies. Effective and innovative infrastructure systems are essential for a development toward sustainable societies.
Contact: Bijan Adl-Zarrabi, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Infrastructure Physics

Resonsible use of Resources

A major part of our societies' flow of material and energy is connected to the building of societies. Strategies, smart systems and policies for resource limited flows of material, are all key factors in the progress toward a more sustainable building of societies.
Contact: Holger Wallbaum, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology

Virtual cities

Within the profile Virtual Cities, we develop and research computational interfaces, tools and processes for the future architecture and building of societies
Anders Logg, Department of Mathematical Sciences

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