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Together with the City of Gothenburg and Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics, the Chalmers Area of Advance Building Futures has decided to take on the challenge of building a virtual city platform. The project Virtual City@Chalmers aims to compile expertise in modelling, simulation, urban planning, computer science and other research fields to build a dynamic and interactive virtual city platform. Central to the project is the development of a 3D-platform that allows the integration of different models and data into a single platform. In the first project phase (2018), virtual twins of the two Chalmers campus sites (Lindholmen and Johanneberg) will be modeled directly as an immersive 3D world (open-ended city). The 3D-platform will serve as a multipurpose arena for researchers featuring First Person and Real Time Strategy user perspectives as well as real-time coupling of simulations and data. In addition, Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities will enhance the user experience. The process will be accompanied by Chalmers Division of Interaction Design to ensure usability and accessibility.

The long-term goal is to extend the project to a larger scale. After the successful implementation of the two campus sites, the project will be scaled to  the city level, starting with Virtual Gothenburg. With the help of our partners, especially the City of Gothenburg, and with great use for research, city planning and industry, we believe that “true” virtual cities can be built.

​Read more about VirtualCity@Chalmers on the project website:
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