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​VirtualCity@Chalmers teaser »

VirtualCity@Chalmers teaser on Youtube

​The work with our urban planning simulation tool VirtualCity@Chalmers is moving forward. Welcome to a sneak peak of the project progress in our brand new teaser video (Youtube).
​The ongoing collaboration project between Chalmers Area of Advance Building Futures (profile Virtual cities), Fraunhofer-Chalmers-Centre and the City of Gothenburg, VirtualCity@Chalmers, is making progress: With the plan for stage one, a simulation tool of the two Chalmers campuses Johanneberg and Lindholmen, to go live in late 2018 still intact, we would right now like to invite you to take a sneak peak of the project progress. Check out our brand new teaser published on Youtube - VirtualCity@Chalmers teaser »

Once the simulation tool of Chalmers Johanneberg and Lindholmen is live, the project will continue on with the next step: an urban planning simulation tool extended to cover the whole city of Gothenburg.

For more information on the project, check out or project website »

Page manager Published: Mon 17 Sep 2018.