NASA wants to build an HSB Living Lab in Houston

​Over the past six years, the HSB Living Lab project and Chalmers have worked closely with RICE University and NASA in Houston, USA. A delegation from the US is arriving on Thursday, 1 June 2017. With students and researchers at Chalmers and HSB Living Lab, they will build, install and hold workshops on the topic of smart urban household innovations during Bioloops Action Days.
​“We look forward to two exciting days full of activities on the topic of biological cycles linked to our living environments. At the end of the week, we will have new prototypes in place in HSB Living Lab, including a greenhouse and a system called hydroponics for growing food inside dwellings without using soil. We will also have a lot of new knowledge that we will apply in new test and research projects in HSB Living Lab,” says Frida Bard, project engineer at Chalmers and the initiator of the BioLoops project.
As well as the studies and workshops, there will be meetings for exchanges of experience and knowledge about how HSB Living Lab was constructed and how the project is managed.
   “NASA and Chalmers have worked together for many years. Back in the US, we have been talking about building a little sister to HSB Living Lab for a long time. We want to do it in Houston. Now it seems that our plans will come to fruition,” says Larry Toups, whose day job is as a space architect for NASA. He is in Sweden as a visiting professor at Chalmers.

Published: Thu 01 Jun 2017. Modified: Thu 24 May 2018