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Initivative seminar Virtual Cities - Opportunities and Challenges

The Initiative seminar on virtual cities delivered real knowledge and experience.
​Chalmers Area of Advance Building Futures, managed by Anders Logg, recently initiated the project VirtualCity@Chalmers, aiming to develop simulation and visualization tools for city planning and building. Within the project, virtual twins of the two Chalmers campuses Johanneberg and Lindholmen are developed, with the goal to expand these models into full scale city versions, starting with the city of Gothenburg.

In Sweden and globally there are several ongoing similar projects, but the work within the area is still fragmented, in academia as well as among public and private actors. The need for an exchange of experiences and a dialog on opportunities and challenges is regarded as substantial.

To counteract this fragmentation, Chalmers Area of Advance Building Futures in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre recently arranged the initiative seminar Virtual Cities – Opportunities and Challenges. The seminar, held at the Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park, gathered several prominent researchers and involved parties. The agenda showed a wide variety of subjects; among others Jarmo Suomisto, City of Helsinki, presented the 3D-modelling project of the city of Helsinki he has managed for several years, Eric Jeansson, geodata strategist at the City of Gothenburg, described several different city environment visualization projects within the City of Gothenburg, and Anders Logg, Chalmers, accounted for the project VirtualCity@Chalmers.

The initiative seminar turned out very successful and appreciated. When the day was complete the seminar was summarized by participants and presenters as giving a substantial addition of interesting information and knowledge, an evolving dialog and a source for inspiration and of new contacts with possibilities for further project development. The seminar also gave the opportunity for the team behind VirtualCity@Chalmers to show the first preliminary results from the project and to learn from other similar projects. The development of VirtualCity@Chalmers will now continue, with the aim to present a finished prototype in December 2018.
On the project VirtualCity@Chalmers website you find the presentations from the seminar for download: »

Page manager Published: Tue 01 May 2018.