Audio description: Anders Logg lhanding over the baton to Liane Thuvander
By the end of 2018, the Building Futures Area of Advance Director Anders Logg hands over the relay baton to project leader Liane Thuvander.

The end of 2018 also sees the end of Building Futures Area of Advance

​By the end of the year 2018, the activities within the Building Futures Area of Advance will end, and instead preparations for a possible new area of advance will be intensified. Director Anders Logg retires from the leading position of the AoA and hands over the relay baton to project manager Liane Thuvander.
​By the end of 2018, the activities within the Building Futures Area of Advance (AoA BF) will end, and I will step down from the position as Director of the AoA. The ongoing projects managed within the of AoA BF structure will continue during 2019, but not as part of the AoA BF. Given the opportunity for a new area of advance to be started in 2020, the groundwork and preparations for such an area will be intensified in 2019, managed by Liane Thuvander, presently Vice-director of AoA BF and Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
Below I summarize some important milestones of our work within the AoA BF during 2018, but I would also like to take the opportunity to extend my thank you for all the good co-operations and project work performed within the Building Futures AoA, and, of course, wish you all a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Anders Logg
Director of Building Futures Area of Advance

WSBE Beyond 2020:
In 2017, based on an initiative started by Chalmers Areas of Advance Building Futures and Energy, Chalmers together with RISE, and supported by Johanneberg Science Park and the City of Gothenburg, was awarded the opportunity to host the World Sustainable Built Environment (WSBE) conference. The WSBE conference is the final event of a series of Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) conferences on a regional level that is taking place in more than 14 countries all around the world in 2018‐2019. The conference series is owned by ISBEE, CIB, FIDIC and UN Environment, and the main goal of the WSBE conference BEYOND 2020 is to facilitate a high level and multidisciplinary discussion on how to operationalise the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the Built Environment. With approximately 2000 participants the BEYOND 2020 conference will be one of the largest conferences that Chalmers has ever hosted.


Profile Resilient infrastructure:
The profile Resilient infrastructure focused on developing the national network. Close collaborations have been initiated with the Swedish road administration and VTI. Furthermore, first steps for collaboration with KTH and LTH concerning pavement research and education were taken.
VirtualCity@Chalmers is a project aiming to develop an interactive 3D-demonstrator of Chalmers campus sites in Lindholmen and Johanneberg, that allows students and researchers to visualize and interact with different datasets and models. Only started in the beginning of 2018, the project has already seen the following achievements:
  • Initiative seminar Virtual Cities – Opportunities and Challenges, 18 April 2018 .
  • Development of an accurate, updated and meshed 3D-reprensentation of the campus sites, which is already used by other research groups.
  • Visualization and interaction in Unreal Engine (immersive and appealing 3D world).
  • Development of a hosting and communication framework that allows different researchers to couple their data and models.
  • Establishment of concrete collaboration with a number of different research groups and organizations at Chalmers:
    • DemoVirPen on noise modelling at Gibraltarvallen.
    • Solar radiation /shading modelling with Zack Norwood and GU.
    • SMoG on Space Syntax analyses.
    • Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre on computational fluid dynamics simulations on the urban scale (wind flow, fluid structures interaction, radiation).
    • Five Star Campus on Virtual Campus.
    • Air quality project with Beate Stahre Wästberg.
    • Extensive communication and outreach activities with different stakeholders (including City of Gothenburg).

Vinnova KC 2020:

Another main activity has been the coordination of the Vinnova KC 2020 Digital Twin Cities application – a process that includes representatives from the entire ACE department and 25 external stakeholders.

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